Our Story


Our Story

Welcome to Casale Roccafiorita historic charming residence in Sicily of the 1700 with B&B rooms and accommodation in holiday home, surrounded by vineyards, olive groves and citrus orchards in the fascinating area of Victoria, famous for its wines, the theater, the Art Nouveau buildings, and Scoglitti popular seaside resort in the province of Ragusa, only 15 km from Comiso airport.

The estate, gift wedding of the Princess of Biscari, underwent several steps and hereditary half ‘800 The press were expanded and the millstone, so as to form the body of homes that you see now. Like all country estates in the area “la Chiappa” was a company with more cultural orientations. They had planted olive trees and there was also a thriving citrus cultivation, made possible by the presence of a source of piped water in an old and large collection tank is still present.

The current owners Paola and Raffaele, with great dedication and tireless passion, have operated a restoration of the premises to make known to the community what was our noble past, but also to educate future generations. Today guests of Casale Roccafiorita may have rooms and apartments are furnished with antique furniture and take advantage of the environments that characterize the rings: The press for the processing of olives, the millstone for the grape harvest and the delightful indoor garden.

History, relaxing, nature and comfort, make Casale Roccafiorita one of the residences most appreciated by those looking for a unique holiday.
The house is also available for small wedding, entertainment, conferences and promotional events.

Our fairytaile

There was once an old winery
Where the pigeons were flying in percent
Between the cracks of the porous walls
And where rats giravan curious
Above the beams and the bottom of the vats
That in the good old days were filled with wine.

Great but only that old millstone
Closed in the dark was all a lament.
She cried the bed, sbattevan doors
In the profound silence of death.
But one day a handsome prince
She saw him and said, “will be my castle.”

And suddenly on the colorless walls
Between the windows they bloomed flowers.
In the kitchen, smelling bread
now smiles a young bride
and between the arches of pleasure of the vats
corron two wonderful children loved ones.

Now the winery does not seem to:
It became a jolly castle
in which love has given life:
now is the castle of Roccafiorita!

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